43 minutes | May 19, 2021

Intentionality 🚀 and the Believer 🕇

In his bestselling book, The 15 laws of Growth, John Maxwell lists intentionality as the first and most important law of personal growth.The law of intentionality states that growth doesn’t just happen.Whether you’re seeking... Intellectual growthFinancial growthSpiritual growthOr even physical (muscles) growthIt will require intentionality. You won’t become smarter or more knowledgeable by accident or prayer alone. You won’t become richer by accident or by prayer alone. You won’t become a strong believer by accident or by prayer alone. And you surely won’t have the physique of a bodybuilder by accident or prayer alone.These things require purposeful planning and action. They require intentionality.And yet, there are many believers who think that it will all happen supernaturallycfor them. They think that if they believe enough for it, or pray enough for it, or decree enough for it, their lives will transform supernaturally. Well, in this week's podcast, I (Sebastien) will talk about the importance of intentionality in the life of the believer. And, yes, I'll probably step on some toes, but that's why you like this podcast, right?
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