47 minutes | Jul 15, 2021

6 Key 🔑 Attributes of the Kingdom 👑 of God

All throughout the Gospels, we read of Jesus telling the people, "The Kingdom of God is Like..." or "What shall I compare the Kingdom of God to...?" or "The Kingdom of God is comparable to..."The Kingdom of God was clearly Jesus' main teaching and focus. Shouldn't it be ours as well? Jesus also went to great lengths to teach us about it.Well, in this episode, as we continue our Kingdom Fundamentals book launch promo, we will explore what the Kingdom of God is like... in detail!We give you: 6 Key 🔑 Attributes of the Kingdom 👑 of GodAnd, as always, you can get your copy of Kingdom Fundamentals here: https://www.amazon.com/Kingdom-Fundamentals-What-God-Means/dp/1777778409/
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