78 minutes | Sep 19th 2019

Healing Animals Through Reiki with Kathleen Prasad


Being over doing: how to meditate with your dog, and why! (Kathleen Prasad with Animal Reiki Source)

In this episode, I chat with Kathleen Prasad about her experience with Animal Reiki. 

Along with being a devoted practitioner, Kathleen is the:

-       Founder of Animal Reiki Source

-       Co-founder and president of the Shelter Animal Reiki Source (SARA)

-       Creator of the Let Animals Lead® method.

Her non-profit SARA is dedicated to teaching the Let Animals Lead® method in order to bring peace and healing to shelter animals. 

Kicking off our chat with a (much needed) guided breathing meditation, Kathleen leads us through the world of Animal Reiki.

Make sure you have your pet nearby to share in this experience!



[3:55] Intro meditation with Kathleen Prasad

[12:35] Some animals can sense when you are not focused with them

[21:50] What animal Reiki is, and how Kathleen was drawn to it

[35:35] How long did it take for Kathleen to develop Animal Reiki?

[45:30] The focus and methods of Kathleen’s practice

[56:36] Is Reiki for everyone?

[60:02] Are certain breeds of dogs more or less receptive of Reiki, and when is a good time of the day to perform animal Reiki?

[67:55] How Animal Reiki has developed over the last 20 years


Resources Mentioned on this episode

Animal Reiki Source

Shelter Animal Reiki Association 

Animal Reiki Source YouTube Channel




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