32 minutes | Apr 28th 2021

Body Image + Intuitive Eating from a Biblical Perspective (TW: Eating Disorder Recovery) - with Nyla Wiebe

Today's episode of THRIVE gave me goosebumps! Nyla Wiebe is a health and life coach who specializes in Intuitive Eating and Body Image Improvement - all from a Christian perspective. [TW: Eating Disorder Recovery] She also struggled with an eating disorder for decades, but is recovered and credits God for her journey. Nyla's story is one of hope, and she shares so much godly wisdom - as well as practical advice - for intuitive eating, following cravings, improving body image, helping a struggling friend...and what the Bible's got to say about all of it. Listen in.   CONNECT WITH NYLA Instagram Website Her Holy Hustle Podcast   GET YOUR COPY OF CAFFEINATE YOUR SOUL: 52 MONDAY MANTRAS HERE: Amazon Barnes and Noble Target Walmart   FOLLOW ALONG: THRIVE Podcast Instagram Erica's Instagram Facebook Coming Up Roses  
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