28 minutes | Jun 9, 2021

Being the Mom AND the Boss without Mom Guilt - with Camille Walker

If you’re a mom who’s ever felt like she wanted more in her life than “just” her kids...you’re not alone...and you’re also not a bad mom for it. Camille Walker of My Mommy Style and the Call me CEO Podcast is SO GOOD at helping moms just like you uncover what in business they might be BEST at, and then intentionally craft a fulfilling life around it - that INCLUDES quality time with your kids while still feeling like YOU. In this episode, Camille will help you feel like a success and re-define what that looks like as your family and business grows. She shares misconceptions about being a work-at-home or working parent, tips on managing mom guilt, how she knew when to hit the gas versus the brakes in her business, and more - it’s a no-fluff episode with loads of helpful, real advice inside. Tune in!   CONNECT WITH CAMILLE Website Blog - My Mommy Style Instagram Call Me Ceo podcast Course   GET YOUR COPY OF CAFFEINATE YOUR SOUL: 52 MONDAY MANTRAS HERE: Amazon Barnes and Noble Target Walmart   FOLLOW ALONG: THRIVE Podcast Instagram Erica's Instagram Facebook Coming Up Roses
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