12 minutes | Feb 9, 2021

Identity Theft Ep. 7

While Mark tries to find a way to end his body-switching nightmare, Nadia, his wife began to wonder if the man sleeping in her bed is truly her husband.  When Mark calls and tells her to ask Mark about their deceased son, she realizes that he may have been telling her the truth. Meanwhile, Mark, determined to confront Joey goes on the hunt for a gun. Starring: Adam Lazar-White as Joey Bamotti, Adam Lazar-White as Joey Bamotti, James Cotton as Lester, Elesther Latham as the Vendor Yuri Brown as Nadia RC Samo as the Bodyguard.

Music by Emmy winning Composer Lenoard Wolf.

Directed by Marylin Hebert

Producers: Brian Herskowitz & Marylin Hebert

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