11 minutes | Feb 1, 2021

Identity Theft Ep. 6

Mourning the death of his close friend, Delroy, Mark continues to seek an answer to his body-switching dilemma.  He realizes that Cat may be in danger. His fear is well-founded as Cat is shot and killed in front of him.  Joey and his bodyguard plant evidence that will lead back to Mark. Mark flees for his life, and find his way to his old offices at the Picayune Times building. He breaks into his old boss's office and searches for clues, but a Young Stringer left to mind the city-desk catches him.  They struggle and Mark is forced to defend himself. Back on the street,  Mark decides it’s time that he confronts Joey in person. Directed and Written by Brian Herskowitz.Produced by Marylin Hebert and Brian Herskowitz. With:

Dendrie Taylor as Cat

Adam Lazar White as Joey Bamotti

Elester Latham as the Vendor

Randy Blekitas as the DJ

R.C. Samo as the Bodyguard

Robin Collins as the Young Stringer

Antonio Chavez as Loading Dock Worker

Music by Leonard Wolf

Join us next week for Episode 7 of Thrilling Stories – Identity Theft. 

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