13 minutes | Jan 26, 2021

Identity Theft Ep. 5

Mark is still trapped in Joey’s body, and now the police have named him as the prime suspect in the murder of the voodoo priest Andajou. Meanwhile, Delroy, Mark’s friend, and colleague starts to investigate on his own. Mark and Cat become lovers. While Joey takes advantage of his time with Nadia

Directed and Written by Brian Herskowitz, Produced by Marylin Hebert and Brian Herskowitz.With Adam Lazar White as Delroy and Joey, James Cotton as Lester, Yuri Brown as Nadia, Dendrie Taylor as Cat, Marylin Hebert as the Young Waitress, Bailey Herskowitz as the Reporter, Maggie Herskowitz as 911 Operator, Jamal Johnson and R.C. Samo as the police officers. *Music by Emmy Winning composer Leonard Wolf.*

Join us next week for Episode 6 of Thrilling Stories – Identity Theft 

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