13 minutes | Jan 26, 2021

Identity Theft Ep. 4

Mark is searching for the Andajou the Voodo Priest who made the majic potion that switched his face with Italian gangster -Joey Bamotti. Mark Tompkins is still trapped in the body of mobster Joey Bamotti. He plans to meet with his old friend Delroy. He convinces Delroy to help him find answers. He learns of a professor of Neuroscience who may be able to help him. When his discussion illuminating talk with the professor ends he goes to seek out the Voodoo Priest/Con-man Andajou. When he enters Andajou's apartment he's met with a very unsettling surprise. Produced by Marylin Hebert and Brian Herskowitz. Starring: Dendrie Taylor as Cat, Adam Lazar-White as Delroy, Elster Latham as Andajou, Gina Hecht as Professor Hajossyov, Antonio Chavez as the Junkie, Maggie Herskowitz as the telephone operator and Jamal Johnson as the Stranger.  

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