18 minutes | Oct 16th 2020

LIVESTREAM! Amelia Earhart, Fearless Flyer - "Democratic Unconventions"

A classic installment of Amelia Earhart, Fearless Flyer recorded via livestream on March 22 2020!This episode of The Thrilling Adventure Hour is sponsored by MINT MOBILE:*Get an Unlimited Data Plan from Mint Mobile for $30/month at mintmobile.com/thrillingAmelia Earhart, Fearless Flyer - "Democratic Unconventions"Starring Autumn Reeser, Annie Savage, Paget Brewster, Paul F. Tompkins, Craig Cackowski, Janet Varney, and Josh MalinaWritten by Ben Acker and Ben BlackerWith Music by Jonathan DinersteinAnd a New Introduction from Hal Lublin and Mark GagliardiWatch video of this episode here:https://vimeo.com/ondemand/tahlive03222020VOTE! Verify that you're registered and make a plan to vote on or before November 3rd 2020. Find voting resources here: https://foreverdogpodcasts.com/voteFind the entire back catalog of The Thrilling Adventure Hour plus Bonus Content, Complete Libraries of Classic Segments, and more on Patreon:https://www.patreon.com/thrillingadventurehourFollow The Thrilling Adventure Hour:https://twitter.com/ThrillingAdvhttps://www.facebook.com/ThrillingAdventureHourThe Thrilling Adventure Hour Treasury is a Forever Dog podcasthttps://foreverdogpodcasts.com/podcasts/the-thrilling-adventure-hour
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