45 minutes | Nov 17, 2020

Threshold Conversations | 8 | Robert Bullard

“Breathing is civil rights and breathing is environmental justice.”  Dr. Robert Bullard, Distinguished Professor at Texas Southern University and a transformational figure in the environmental justice movement, says that the environment isn’t just out in the woods and wilderness; it’s everywhere. “It's where we live, work, play, worship, learn, as well as the physical and natural world,” he says.   Robert has devoted much of his life to documenting how environmental racism puts Black people and other people of color at higher risk from polluted air and water, natural disasters, and other natural threats. In this episode of Threshold Conversations, Amy and Robert talk about the origins of his pioneering research, the battle to get environmental justice on the agendas of large, White-dominated environmental groups, and what gives him hope.   If you enjoy this episode, please support our independent nonprofit journalism at thresholdpodcast.org/donate   All donations through the end of the year will be doubled by NewsMatch. 
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