37 minutes | Apr 20, 2021

Conversations | 10 | Inuit Food Security, Inuit Sovereignty

 “There needs to be a lot more equity given at tables for indigenous knowledge, and for indigenous knowledge to inform decision making,” says Carolina Behe.   Carolina Behe, John Noksana and Mumilaaq Qaqqaq are all pushing for self-determination across the Inuit homelands, which extend from eastern Russia all the way to Greenland. In this episode, producers Amy Martin and Nick Mott talk with Carolina, John, and Mumilaaq  about sovereignty in the North.    John, an Inuit hunter from Northern Canada and Carolina, the Indigenous Knowledge and Science Advisor for the Inuit Circumpolar Council in Alaska, discuss how food security fits into a bigger picture of Inuit self-determination. Then, we hear from Mumilaaq, who’s addressing that bigger picture on an even larger stage: in Canada’s Parliament.   If you enjoy this episode, please support our independent, nonprofit journalism at thresholdpodcast.org/donate.  
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