64 minutes | Jun 14, 2020

Episode 66: Let’s Talk About The Masseuse

The 66th episode features Fikri and Muz for another chat on Malaysian cinema, beginning with commiserations on the passing of animator Rosdi bin Othman, a key part of the film ‘Legend of Ancient Borneo’. They briefly touch on updates on the new CEO of FINAS, and the official standard operating procedure for film production in Malaysia, before delving deeper into Tan Ce Ding’s ‘The Masseuse’. Fikri is enamoured with the film’s aesthetics, while Muz considers its links to the cyberpunk genre. Along the way, they also analyse the film’s themes, how reminiscent it is of the ‘Blade Runner’ and Wong Kar-wai films, and where it stands in the pantheon of Malaysian science fiction films.
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