31 minutes | Jul 25, 2021

294: Create Messages That Matter with Ashlee Sang

Having your message clearly understood by your audience is essential to your success. Specifically, creating powerful messaging that really matters.  How can you create an effective marketing message that resonates with your potential clients?  Are you sending a message that’s in alignment with your brand?  In this episode, I’m joined by Ashlee Sang, who works with purpose-driven founders to get clarity around their brand messaging strategy. She’s helping them make an impact so they can grow their business.  Brand messaging is the foundation of your business. If you can get this right, it will make everything you do in your business so much easier.  WHAT YOU’LL DISCOVER IN THIS EPISODE: Ashlee’s Story (01:40)  What is brand messaging (3:19)  How to unpack your core message (7:31)  Creating a message that stands out (10:33)  Attract and repel (13:07)  Your message is meant to evolve (17:31)  It’s about the people you’re serving (20:11)  The content pillars (23:30)  Ashlee’s brand messaging template (27:35) For full show notes and links visit:  https://samanthariley.global/podcast/294/
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