19 minutes | Jul 14, 2021

291: 3 Lead Magnets That Are Working Well Right Now

Lead magnets are what you give to your prospects in exchange for their contact details. 

We use multiple lead magnets in our business, and use them at different times depending on our promotions. They are an important part of your business to build your list and attract new leads.

But not all lead magnets are created equal. For example, ebooks have a low perceived value as a lead magnet. On the other hand, the best lead magnets today are those that people believe have a deeper value. 

In this episode, Tim and I are going to share the three lead magnets that we’ve seen working very well right now. So, hop on as we tackle these top 3 lead magnet ideas to help you convert your prospects into opportunities. 

Gone are the days of PDFs with a “that’ll do attitude”. People don’t exchange their email address for something like that anymore. Instead, you need to give them something that will show your expertise and authority as a thought leader in your industry. 


  • Tim’s most downloaded lead magnet (6:27)
  • The marketing diagnostic tool (8:16)
  • 20 questions to ask your business coach (9:18)
  • Get an actual book (9:58)  
  • Author is an authority (12:56)
  • Mini workshops (14:13)
  • Challenges are opportunities (14:56)
  • Give people quick wins (16:10)

For full show notes and links visit: https://samanthariley.global/podcast/291/

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