84 minutes | Jan 24, 2021

INTERVIEW: Popcorn & Identity in the Entertainment Industry with Dane Giraud

Ani interviews comedy writer, director, former glam rock guitarist, and father of many, Dane Giraud. They discuss the ways identity exists naturally and unnaturally in the arts.  Dane shares his own experiences of "jumping on the waka" enjoying the journey of an unexpected and varied career.Spilling the beans on that blackface incident with Jimi Jackson, Dane shares his thoughts on disingenuous media and the necessity of free speech in creative industries.This interview concludes with a good ol' chat about free speech in general and the effect of censorship on minorities.Dane is no longer on Twitter but can be found on Facebook.Twitter and Instagram: @aniobrienEmail: thoughtcrimeswithani@gmail.comTheme: Smooth Criminal by 2CELLOS - Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser 
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