83 minutes | Feb 21, 2021

INTERVIEW: Intersectionality & Identity Politics with Associate Professor Holly Lawford-Smith

Ani interviews Associate Professor of Philosophy at Melbourne University Dr Holly Lawford-Smith. The chat begins with some discussion of Conversion Therapy legislation and free speech, but the episode is mostly dedicated to 'intersectionality'. What is intersectionality? Why do activists wield it like weapon that more often than not ends up being turned on them? Are we better off focusing on the BIG things we have in common? What do we do when people are paralysed by identity politics and intersectionality and can't see the wood for the trees  - Rotherham Grooming Gangs and Emmett Till.Despite Holly's serious credentials and what can be a heavy topic, this chat is pretty casual and explores ideas that we aren't supposed to explore. Even if feminism isn't your thing, this episode looks at quite widespread challenges across the Culture Wars battleground.Holly is banned from Twitter and Medium but can be found on her website https://hollylawford-smith.org/ and make sure you look out for her book in January 2022.Twitter and Instagram: @aniobrienEmail: thoughtcrimeswithani@gmail.comTheme: Smooth Criminal by 2CELLOS - Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser 
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