27 minutes | Aug 19th 2020

Increasing Uptime Through Data-Driven Decision Making with Ryan Chan

When diving into the data behind UpKeep, a CMMS software that just secured $36 million in Series B funding, it’s easy to see why investors and manufacturers alike are so interested in the company’s mobile-first solution. In a recent case study, UpKeep saved an industrial company $1.3 million and reduced their work order filings & asset info tracking time by 90%. Join Thomas CMO Shawn Fitzgerald and UpKeep CEO and founder Ryan Chan as they discuss how industrial business leaders should utilize operational data to make data-driven decisions, improve facility safety, and propel their businesses forward. Resources From This Episode: Learn more about Ryan Chan: https://www.onupkeep.com/about Learn more about UpKeep: https://www.onupkeep.com/ Learn more about the UpKeep/Forrester Case Study: https://www.onupkeep.com/customers/upkeep-total-economic-impact-case-study/ UpKeep Raises $36 Million to Advance Mobile Capabilities of Facilities, Maintenance Teams: https://www.thomasnet.com/insights/upkeep-raises-36-million-to-advance-mobile-capabilities-of-facilities-maintenance-teams/ Summer Maintenance Shutdowns Drive Spike in Repair Service Sourcing [Thomas Index Report Video]: https://www.thomasnet.com/insights/summer-maintenance-shutdowns-drive-spike-in-repair-service-sourcing/