24 minutes | Jul 8th 2020

Creating a Safer Industrial Workplace with Sam Bradbury and Mark Heidebrecht

Industry employees who don’t feel valued in their workplace or feel they lack the ability to make a change within their workspace are 70% more likely to claim a musculoskeletal injury. Join host Tony Uphoff and Ergonomics International co-founders, Board Certified Exercise Physiologists, and Board Certified Human Factors Professionals Sam Bradbury and Mark Heidebrecht as they discuss how industrial business leaders can more effectively engage with their teams to improve the critical — yet often overlooked — physical and cultural considerations of industrial workplace safety. They’ll also explore how industrial businesses can update their workspaces to accommodate COVID-19-related safety considerations. Resources From This Episode: Learn more about Ergonomics International: https://www.ergonomicsinternational.com/ Learn more about Sam Bradbury and Mark Heidebrecht: https://www.ergonomicsinternational.com/about-us How to Avoid the Top 9 OSHA Violations by Preparing for Unexpected Inspections [Checklist]: https://www.thomasnet.com/insights/osha-top-10-violations/ Why Safety in the Workplace Should Be Your Main Priority as a Leader [Statistics]: https://www.thomasnet.com/insights/why-safety-in-the-workplace-should-be-your-main-priority-as-a-leader-statistics/
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