41 minutes | Jul 15th 2018

007: From art to architecture and back again with Michelle Hamer

Michelle Hamer maps contemporary social beliefs, ideals, fears and aspirations through text and urban environments.  Her hand stitched and drawn works capture in-between moments that characterise everyday life and are based on photographs she’s taken and found text.

Despite Michelle planning out her art education as a child she ended up becoming an architect, but a change in her health led her back to art again.  In this episode we discuss becoming a professional artist without going to art school, and how she’s built her career and community from nothing. 

We also talk in depth about Michelle’s research trip to the American/Mexican and Israeli/Palestinian borders.  Plus resilience, self promotion, her success in receiving grants, and what she’s learnt about grant writing along the way.

/ Michelle’s TWS portrait and interview is on our website at https://thiswildsong.com.au/michelle-hamer/

/ You can see One Wall Two Jails, the work that resulted from Michelle’s research trip on her website at www.michellehamer.com


Music: Rapture by Myfawny Hunter

Editing: Alana Helbig 

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