17 minutes | Jun 16th 2018

This Week in Geek Live from the SMG Podcast Marathon at Indy PopCon 2018

This podcast was recorded during the SMG Podcast Marathon at Indy PopCon on June 8th, 2018 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  This podcast marathon was 10 hours long and featured 19 podcasts covering a wide variety of geek-centric topics.  First of all, thank you to Tango Comics for our exceptional event poster. Thanks to the banner sponsors: Passionerdly Podcasts Tome Travelers Podcast Kinda Nerdy News Podcast Movie Madness Podcast Ed Maudlin and the Maidlin Realty Group Very Dark Very Quick Podcast Advanced TV Herstory Podcast Seriously Let’s Play Podcast Dice Voyeurs Podcast Masks of Nythralothtop Podcast The CritShow Podcast Chronicles of the Realm LARP Midnight Matinees Podcast The Blue Box Café in Elgin, IL Otherworld Theatre in Chicago IL This Week in Geek Podcast Live at the Blue Box Podcast The Binge Worthy Podcast And SMG Micro-Cons  A special thanks to The Bonus Hours Podcast Network for sponsoring our free charging station.  There would have been a lot of dead devices without your support.  And finally, thanks to the sponsors of our program. The Bonus Hours Podcast Network and featuring the podcast Between the Profound and Profane Kinda Nerdy News with KJ The Critshow: an actual play podcast Very Dark Very Quick: The Podcast Passionerdly.com featuring the podcasts Dice Voyeurs and Tome Travelers The Kevin Long Show podcast And finally the upcoming book Pod Life: Podcaster’s Stories  
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