15 minutes | May 25, 2018

Double Spends, Brave Banks, Retroactive Regulations

Today we have the underground famous Andreas Brekken on the show and together we will talk about the most important news of the week:

  • The Double Spend attack on Bitcoin Gold
  • Small banks loves bitcoin
  • Coinbase acquires decentralized DEX platform paradex
  • Banco Masventas allow customers to settle in BTC as an alternative to Swift
  • SEC announced its going after insider trading and illegal practices
  • India is considering to impose a goods and service tax (GST) on cryptocurrency trades



China updates


  • China’s crypto rankings
  • CCTV aired a segment Wednesday saying that the crypto market is a mess
  • Shenzhen Municipal Office announced a partnership with Tencent for making blockchain-based invoices for international trade



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