40 minutes | Oct 2nd 2014

015 How individual investors can invest in top real estate deals -- with Jilliene Helman

One of the most exciting forms of crowdfunding is what's going on right now in real estate. Investment properties, which were once owned wholly by large real estate firms, are now finding crowdfunding investor interest. And vice versa -- individuals, who once struggled to get access to 'insider' deals -- can now invest in real estate via platforms like RealtyMogul. RealtyMogul's CEO and founder, Jilliene Helman joins us on episode #15 of TWiC to talk about how her firm got off the ground and is now working with both top-flight real estate development projects and attracting investor interest. Watson on Crowdfunding tackles the complicated -- but really important -- issue of accreditation for crowdfunding. The rules of who qualifies to participate on a crowdfunded investment are in flux and Prescott sorts things out for our listeners. Your hosts, Zack and David, discuss recent movement in Kickstarter's Terms of Use which signal the direction the rewards-based crowdfunding leader is taking in terms of addressing failed projects and the project creators' responsibilities towards backers. Lastly, in the Stark Tank, David Starkinator describes his favorite crowdfunding project right now, which, surprisingly, is an artistic endeavor. Check out our archives and sign up for our newsletter on our website -- ThisWeekinCrowdfunding.com
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