45 minutes | Sep 10th 2014

014 How Neil Young raised millions via crowdfunding (and how you can, too) -- with Rose Spinelli

Neil Young may be a great rock and roller but he's an even better crowdfunder. Young ran a rewards crowdfunding campaign that raised millions of dollars. Young didn't stop there -- he went on to raise an equity crowdfunding campaign that was even more successful.  What was Mr Cinammon Girl's secret sauce? On this week's TWiC, we invited Rose Spinelli, of TheCrowdfundamentals.com fame and crowdfunding coach and teacher, on to the show to deconstruct his approach, what he did right/wrong, and what we can learn from his success. Watson on Crowdfunding examines a new world of corporations crowdfunding that raises money from the public.    Check out our archives and sign up for our newsletter on our website -- ThisWeekinCrowdfunding.com
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