34 minutes | Sep 4th 2014

013 Crowdfunding Entrepreneurship with Hillel Fuld

As crowdfunding gathers more momentum, crowdfunding activities are becoming more mainstream. Our guest on this program, Hillel Fuld, is a technology evangelist and the Chief Marketing Officer of Zula. Join your hosts, David Stark and Zack Miller as they talk to Hillel about his experiences meeting with thousands of technology teams and what qualities and behaviors can make a crowdfunding project successful vs. a failure. Starkup Nation and Zack Attack discuss recently delivered crowdfunded products and the record-breaking Coolest campaign which just topped $10 million on Kickstarter. Lastly, Stark and Miller share the good news that a company they crowdfunded is readying an IPO -- a first for the crowdfunding industry. Check out our archives and sign up for our newsletter on our website -- ThisWeekinCrowdfunding.com
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