30 minutes | Feb 4, 2021

A Tale of Two Colombias

Colombia reported some good news in 2020: The country’s homicide rate was its lowest in nearly five decades. But continued violence in rural communities – and a pandemic that is emboldening organized crime – has darkened the mood for many. Veteran foreign correspondent John Otis joins the podcast from Bogotá to break down what’s happening in the countryside and the implications for President Duque – and the coming contest to name his successor. Guests: - John Otis reports from Bogotá for NPR and The Wall Street Journal and is a consultant for the Committee to Protect Journalists. - Brian Winter is the editor-in-chief of Americas Quarterly. Supplemental Reading: "School’s Out in Most of Latin America. Gangs Are Thrilled." by John Otis (https://www.americasquarterly.org/article/schools-out-in-latin-america-gangs-are-thrilled/) "The Urgent Need to Reform Colombia’s Security Policies" by Juan Pappier (https://www.americasquarterly.org/article/the-urgent-need-to-reform-colombias-security-policies/)
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