58 minutes | May 27, 2021

Ep 52 - Laraine Newman, the Goddess Herself, Flies in to Help!

What can I say about Laraine that hasn’t been said? Hilarious, kind, legendary, seen it all, done it all, is somehow friends with Matt Braunger, the list goes on and on. She’s also a mother to two grown kids who are also talented performers. When we first met we hit it off immediately, and it was like talking to an old friend. It was strange and fantastic, seeing as I vividly remember laughing at her sketches with my mom when I was barely able to walk (not because I was drunk, because I was a little boy). Her new book “May You Live in Interesting Times” is out now on Audible, full of her amazing stories and wisdom. THE CALLS: 1) Rob is wondering, SHOULD HE DO A PODCAST (uh oh) about hip-hop with his best friend (ok maybe)? Also, how does he GET HIS FRIEND TO SAY YES? (!!) 2) Stacey from Florida’s ex-husband hangs out WAY TOO LONG after he drops off the kids. What to do? 3) Em the Gen X-er A) DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO TEXT OR TEXT-FLIRT, and B) Talks too loud. Help! Listen for the answers and give your own. Thanks, Mightys!Call Matt and ask a question 323-763-0228New episodes arrive every Thursday via The Laugh Button.For advertising opportunities email advertise@thelaughbutton.com Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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