66 minutes | Jun 28, 2018

TIWWPS - Episode 21: "The Couch Is Filling Up...(no, not that couch)" - 2018.06.27

With their very first guest, TIWWPS virtuoso listener, Garland Hoover, Mark and Preston revisit the origin of 'This Is Why We're Probably Single'. Mark cock-blocked David Grohl. Yes, DAVID Grohl. Garland brings the best gift to the worst party. Preston tells the single best joke in the history of joke-telling. Not kidding....it was great. Really. Good job Preston. Keep 'em coming. Bottomless mimosa downsides, world traveling script writers behind "Mannequin: On the Move", Quantum Leap Rules, Wedding Gigs. IT'S F*CKING TICK TAC TOE! Music by Delta Revelry "Desperate Man". Episode 21 of This Is Why We're Probably Single podcast with Mark Farmer and Preston Dauphin was recorded at Farmer's Jam Studios Jr in New Orleans, LA on June 27, 2018.
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