54 minutes | Oct 16, 2019

#53 - Kyla Lee (Acumen Law Corporation‎)

Kyla Lee is a criminal lawyer with expertise in impaired driving and immediate roadside prohibition for Acumen Law Corporation. She is renowned for her knowledge of the immediate roadside prohibition (IRP) scheme. In 2014, she was the first lawyer to explain the deficiencies of the IRP scheme to the judges at the Supreme Court. She obtained her law degree at the University of British Columbia. Currently, she is a member of the Trial Lawyers Association of BC, the Canadian Bar Association, and the founder of the Canadian Impaired Driving Lawyers Association. Kyla was named one of Canadian Lawyer Magazine’s Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers in Canada. She’s appeared on GlobalBC, The Lynda Steele Show, CBC News, CTV, and a variety of other outlets seeking her criminal law expertise. She also used to be a model!
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