85 minutes | Oct 18, 2017

Season 2 Episode 1: A Father’s Advice

Update: Our current episodes are experimenting with different styles of organizing the podcast episode for a more fluid recap. Email us and let us know your thoughts! Jessica and Vanessa from the Moody Mommies Podcast Recap NBC"s This is Us.   We are so excited for this season to be back and are having all the feels for this episode! We talk about the current episode, the future for our beloved characters and try to piece together what has happened to our love Jack Pearson!    Send us your feedback and let us know your thoughts & theories. Email: Moodymommiespodcast@gmail.com IG: Moodymommiespodcast Check out our family podcast: The Moody Mommies Podcast  Available on iTunes and Stitcher  
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