18 minutes | Mar 30th 2021

Ep. 85: COVID Travel with T1D

COVID travel has a lot more restrictions than we're typically used to, especially as type 1 diabetics. In this episode we talk about the CDC guidelines as of March 13th, 2021, and how to be safe when traveling now.Read the show notes and find all the links discussed in the episodeGo straight to our podcast page to find all the episode show notes & relevant T1D links and resourcesReady to take the next step? Sign up for a free 60-minute life coaching consultJoin my free Facebook groupFor episode 100, we want to feature the voices of the community. Head to www.inspiredforward.com/submit to send us a 1-2 minute voice recording to include in the Unicorn Episode!Support the show (https://www.inspiredforward.com/kofi)
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