21 minutes | Jan 26th 2020

Finding passion in Tea with Gu from Tea Atelier – Episode 161

Gu of Tea Atelier has been running the shop for two years this February, so I found out how he went from a tea documentary to running his own Tea Shop.

If you’re unfamiliar, Tea Atelier used to be the old TV Repair shop in Bridge Street, as it had been for many many years.

Prior to Tea Atelier, the premises had been a TV repair shop for a number of years

Gu and his wife Michelle took on the task of renovating the shop and turning into what is now Tea Atelier. They had never done anything like this before, they’d renovated their own house, but that’s about it.

I think they’ve done a fantastic job turning what was once an electronics and repair shop, into a cafe/tea shop. This all happened as a result of having a family walk.

Tea Atelier as it was back in February 2018, shortly after opening

If you’re not sure what tea you might like, if you’ve ever felt apprehensive about visiting Tea Atelier, give it a try, their staff are trained to help you with your choice, and the experience is designed to help you to relax.

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