46 minutes | Feb 2nd 2021

EP 01: Moving to Raleigh for the First Time

Welcome to the first episode of This is Raleigh podcast, where we share the warm and vibrant lifestyle of a place we chose as our permanent home (after 23 years of nomadic travels) In this episode we share the first part of our story where I was randomly placed at a school in Johnston County on a cultural teaching exchange program. We knew nothing about Raleigh and instantly felt we belonged. We share: How we first heard of Raleigh and what brought us here The cultural exchange program I joined and the local Triangle company behind it (and their important mission) The very difficult application process for my teaching job (spanning 3 continents) When we first felt like Raleigh was home (like immediately) The challenges of settling into a new country + ways to overcome culture shock and make it great My teaching experience in Johnston County and working through Educational cultural shock How the people we met helped us fall in love with Raleigh Other reasons we loved living in Raleigh In the first three episodes of our This is Raleigh podcast, we're diving deep into our story of how ended up in Raleigh in 2004, moved back and forth several times since, and eventually got a green card to live permanently. Thanks for listening. Leave a review, subscribe and share us with your friends.  Full show notes: https://thisisraleigh.com/moving-to-raleigh-podcast/  
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