57 minutes | Jun 18, 2021

How to Train a Trackin’ Dog with Tony Hill

Welcome to a new episode of the Bowga Hunting podcast! Today we talk with Tony Hill from the Michigan Deer Tracking Network. We cover our upcoming live bow shoot, what it takes to train a tracking dog, and our best/worst deer shot stories. We also discuss:   Jared not losing any arrows at TAC The 2nd Annual Bowga Shootoff  James deciding to shoot traditional and compound What is the Michigan Deer Tracking Network? How to train a tracking dog When do you need to use a tracker like Tony? What’s your best/worst deer shot stories? VORTEX MERCHANDISE SAVE 20% - https://bit.ly/2KemVsx​ - BOWGA20 Trophy Line Tree Saddles SAVE 10%- https://bit.ly/3nN4aKu​ - BOWGAHUNTINGTL10 Wild Pursuit Wellness SAVE 20% - https://bit.ly/3bFPlqW​ - BOWGA Vector Custom Arrow SAVE 10% -https://bit.ly/3cRh2g4 - BOWGA   Other Sponsor Links: Huntwise App www.bivouacbowco.com Prime Archery  
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