27 minutes | Sep 30, 2021

2021 Whitetail Season Kickoff

Welcome to a new episode of the Fair Chase podcast!  Today, Jared and James talk about how whitetail season kicks off this week and their plans for opening weekend. James recaps his recent Northern Michigan bear hunt, we talk about how to hunt a new area, and Jared talks us through the ultimate tree strap setup for mobile hunters.    We also discuss: - Fall is finally here! - Michigan is an underrated huge state - What to do if you’re new to saddle hunting - James is trying a cell cam this year - Going into the hunting season blind and how to get over it - How every hunt is connected to all your other hunts - How to learn from hunting failures - Our 2021 whitetail hunting approach   PROMO CODES: VORTEX MERCHANDISE SAVE 20% - https://bit.ly/2KemVsx - BOWGA20 Trophy Line Tree Saddles SAVE 10%- https://bit.ly/3nN4aKu - BOWGAHUNTINGTL10 Wild Pursuit Wellness SAVE 20% - https://bit.ly/3bFPlqW - BOWGA Vector Custom Arrow SAVE 10% - https://bit.ly/3cRh2g4 - BOWGA   Other Sponsor Links: http://www.huntwise.com/ www.bivouacbowco.com https://www.g5prime.com
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