63 minutes | Feb 18, 2021

8 | Mandeep Singh - Cancer Survivor, Martial Artists, How He Beat Terminal Cancer

Hey! Welcome back and if it’s your first time listening, I’d like to welcome to This is For You. A podcast where I interview exciting, inspirational and driven people. Today, I’d like to introduce Mandeep Singh. He is a world class traveler; he’s been around the world three times and he documents all of this on his blog GayGoat.com. Mandeep was also diagnosed with terminal cancer and had three months to live; we talked about what he did to reframe his mindset and how he survived cancer. You can message and follow him on Instagram @GayGoat_com and visit his website: www.GayGoat.comThanks for listening and I hope you enjoyed today’s episode. Your feedback is important to me. You can email me at vivienne@hellovivie.com or message me on Instagram @hello.vivie. Stay tuned for a brand new episode.
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