45 minutes | Mar 10, 2019

3 - Bethany Of Twenty Something Plus

Welcome to the show! I'm Vivienne of www.JoliePagaille.com. My guest in this episode is blogger, instagrammer, and photography savant Bethany Everett of www.TwentySomethingPlus.com blog. We're covering photography, analytics, and hashtags to grow your brand. We also had a little fun learning more about each other on a personal level, which you will find a blooper reel at the end of the interview and outro. We dished about Boston, Portland, and Chick Fil-A (and no, this is not an advertisement for this fast food chain). You can follow Bethany on Instagram and on her blog www.TwentySomethingPlus.com. I'll have more show notes on my blog www.JoliePagaille.com/podcasts. Please subscribe! I will be forever grateful if you do me the favor of giving me 5 star rating and a stellar review. You're always welcome to email me at vivienne@joliepagaille.com or come find me on Instagram @byjoliepagaille.
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