42 minutes | Mar 10, 2020


They say good things come in threes. And if this week's guests are anything to go by, that is definitely true. If you grew up in the noughties, Keisha, Mutya, and Siobhan from the Sugababes would have likely been a part of your musical life and we couldn't be happier that the band are getting back together 20 years after their debut album One Touch came out! And let's just be honest. We can always use a bit more sweetness in our lives.If you happen to go to any of the places mentioned in today's episode, why not let me know by posting a picture with the hashtag #ThisCityPod, and make sure you tell them who sent you. And if you like what you heard, please rate, review and tell a friend!Shop Clara's wardrobe on Depop! https://depop.app.link/claraamfoThis podcast is produced by Bea Duncan and Sony Music’s 4th Floor Creative. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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