54 minutes | Aug 27th 2020

The Naughty Bob Ross (feat. Marc Rebillet)

Okay. You might be saying “who?” but trust us. Marc Rebillet’s rising star is one to watch. Using a loop machine, a keyboard, and a strong WiFi connection, Marc live-streams his way across platforms and into that delightful intersection where humor, undeniable talent, and thirst meet. He improvises songs based on suggestions from his audience which means sometimes he sings about processing grief and sometimes he sings about buttholes. We love a man with range. In our Plus segment, we try to break down the lure of musicians. Why do we love guitar players and drummers so much? Why does Nichole want you to give those who play brass instruments a chance? What is it about drummers’ forearms that Bim wants you to know? Become a Slate Plus member and find out! As usual, you can follow us on Twitter @ThirstAidKit. Our music is by Tanya Morgan. You can find show notes, and more on our Tumblr at thirstaidkitpodcast.tumblr.com. Don’t forget to send us your drabbles by emailing thirstaidkit@slate.com.
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