51 minutes | Jun 25th 2020

The Adventure Known As John Boyega

We always had an eye on John Boyega, but for a slew of reasons conditions never quite felt… right. Until now. Now we want to talk about how he’s grown his hair, has been unburdened by a Disney contract, and is finally experiencing the kind of glow up that comes with learning from your mistakes and being given room to grow into your Yoruba destiny. Plus! Fanfic Wars makes its triumphant post-hiatus return, and Nichole’s entry is a straight up murder attempt. Damn.In our Thirst Ais Kit Plus segment this week, we’re talking about a ‘One Time Fancy’ and this time it’s… Kumail Nanjiani. We saw The Lovebirds on Netflix, and now we kinda… sorta… almost? fancy him. It’s a confusing time, y’all.As usual, you can follow us on Twitter @ThirstAidKit. Our music is by Tanya Morgan. You can find show notes, and more on our Tumblr at thirstaidkitpodcast.tumblr.com. Don’t forget to send us your drabbles by emailing thirstaidkit@slate.com. 
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