57 minutes | Jul 9th 2020

Nichole’s Thirst ABCs

We talk about formative crushes A LOT of the show, so we decided to do a little digging… Who, exactly, was the first person to indoctrinate Nichole into the ways of long hair? Why does she seem to like a french fry of a man? Who sparked her love of wide mouths and thick eyebrows? All are questions only Prince, Al B. Sure! and Maxwell can answer… hopefully in falsetto. In our Plus segment, we take a look at the music from pop culture that marked us. We can never forget songs from Something New, Love and Basketball, Misfits, The Best Man, Cruel Intentions, or Mrs. Fletcher. Join Slate Plus to find out why! Slate.com/thirstaidplusAs usual, you can follow us on Twitter @ThirstAidKit. Our music is by Tanya Morgan. You can find show notes, and more on our Tumblr at thirstaidkitpodcast.tumblr.com. Don’t forget to send us your drabbles by emailing thirstaidkit@slate.com. 
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