44 minutes | Feb 8th 2021

Introducing: This Is Good For You from Nichole Perkins

Nichole Perkins has a new podcast, and we’re bringing you Episode One, “Riding Is Good for You,” so you can check it out. Search for “This Is Good For You” in your podcast player or go to thisisgoodpod.com to subscribe to the show and keep up with the new episodes!There are also new pins and stickers for Thirst Aid Kit and This Is Good For You! You can pick that up here!****There are very few aspects of sex that people across the Internet can agree on, but the opinion that riding *eggplant emoji* or “plas-dick” can be exhausting gets a universal head nod in agreement. So how can we maximize the experience for everyone involved? And how did pleasure expert Tyomi Morgan create a tight-knit community around that pursuit?IndulgenceNichole recommends soothing murder mysteries: Murder, She Wrote, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, and Death in Paradise. GuestTyomi Morgan is a certified sexologist and pleasure coach based in Chicago, and is the founder of Glamerotica 101. Find her on twitter, watch her sex ED videos, and join the Cowgirl Workout community!Find Us Online- Twitter: @ThisIsGoodPod- Instagram: @ThisIsGoodPod- Merch: thisisgoodpod.com/merch- Patreon: thisisgoodpod.com/patreon- Nichole: @tnwhiskeywoman- Multitude: @MultitudeShows- Email: thisisgoodpod@gmail.comProduction- Producer: Eric Silver- Editor: Brandon Grugle- Executive Producers: Amanda McLoughlin and Nichole Perkins- Theme Music: Donwill- Artwork: Jessica E. BoydAbout The ShowNichole Perkins wants people to stop feeling bad about feeling good, and This Is Good For You lets you know you are never alone in what you like. Every episode, Nichole explores something that people love—whether it’s needlepoint, watching bad movies with friends, or cowgirl exercise classes—and asks experts and devotees why it makes them happy. She ends each show with an Indulgence: a recommendation listeners can enjoy with no remorse. There’s no such thing as a guilty pleasure when you learn to love it freely! To find out what’s good for you, listen to new episodes every other Friday.
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