43 minutes | Jan 24th 2017

Third World Linux - Episode 118: Ubuntu Tutorials Launch, minidlna, The Third Person Singular/Plural

In the podcast this week... Back to business as usual.---Link Dump:Ubuntu TutorialsThe Linux Command Line by William Shottsminidlna---Joao's Thing He Did: minidlna(I still have to mess around with the formatting of this section)Install minidlna:sudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get install minidlnaThe config is in /etc/minidlna.confFind the line that says... media_dir=/var/lib/minidlna... and change it to the directory you want to put your media files in. Finally, restart minidlnasudo service restart minidlna---Download the episode here. Support us on Patreon (pretty please).---Listen and Subscribe...  we're @thirdworldlinux and @chFourteen on twitterwe're also on Google+but if you're oldschool, email uscontact@channelfourteen.com linux@channelfourteen.com --- 
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