35 minutes | Aug 3, 2020

Episode 37 - The Power of Gratitude During the Time of COVID-19 with Meena Srinivasan

Join Amina as she interviews Ms. Meena Srinivasan, an expert on gratitude. Meena goes over key strategies folks can use to cultivate gratitude, even during a challenging time like the one we are currently facing. Ms. Srinivasan goes over the most important steps we need to take when we feel discouraged and stuck, especially now in the COVID-19 era. She also explains how she defines gratitude and mindfulness in her work, which are very trendy terms these days. Meena also explains how to teach gratitude to various age groups, from children to adults. Ms. Srinivasan also talks about her book, "Teach, Breathe, Learn: Mindfulness In and Out of the Classroom", and different techniques for cultivating loving-kindness, gratitude and greater human connection. Meena Srinivasan, MA, National Board Certified Teacher, is a South Asian-American edupreneur with deep expertise in the fields of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and Mindfulness in Education. She is the Founding Executive Director of Transformative Educational Leadership (TEL), an empowering, racially and culturally diverse, compassion-centered, innovative program for educational leaders who are called to integrate mindfulness-based, social, emotional, academic and ethical learning into schools and school systems. Prior to this role she spent five and a half years working in partnership with the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) to implement SEL system-wide in the Oakland Unified School District. Meena has taught and led in a variety of school settings (public, private, urban, international) and is the creator of the SEL Every Day online courses, author of Teach, Breathe, Learn: Mindfulness In and Out of the Classroom and SEL Every Day: Integrating SEL with Instruction in Secondary Classrooms which was chosen as one of 2019’s Favorite Books for Educators by the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley.
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