97 minutes | Oct 7, 2021

The Mercurial Truth with Erick Godsey | Mind Meld 273

Autodidactic mythologist, psychology extraordinaire, and Myths That Make Us host, Erick Godsey returns to the mind meld to muse about the myth of truth, the power of dialogue, how bias masquerades as intuition, one of the most mind-melting thought experiments ever conceived of, why eternity is terrifying, and more. Catch his podcast, The Myths that Make Us  Jump into his new offering, The Dharma Journal Support Third Eye Drops: This Podcast is sponsored Element Kombucha. Use code DROPS11 for 11% off! Crowd-sponsor us and get rewards on Patreon Review and sub on Apple Podcasts Follow the show on Spotify Visit Thirdeyedrops.com
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