86 minutes | Sep 30, 2021

Future Nostalgia, Soul Fall, and Existential Ambivalence with Colin Frangicetto | Mind Meld 272

*Crowd-sponsor the show and get rewards on Patreon! * Artist and Musician, Colin Frangicetto returns to riff about future nostalgia, why existential ambivalence is a sign of success, and why our souls might be trapped in a lower-dimensional slice of reality. Colin Frangicetto is a musician, podcaster, and artist most well-known for playing in the band Circa Survive. Dive into Colin's world here. Support us- Visit THIRDEYEDROPS.com   Crowd-sponsor the show,get rewards, and join our wonder-dipping community on Patreon Leaving us a 5 star review on iTunes! Follow Third Eye Drops on Spotify
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