26 minutes | Mar 31, 2021

Episode #119: What? CEU's? No Way! (5 Reasons Mindset Support is CRUCIAL in your Business, Part 5)

On this episode of The Thinking Like a Boss Podcast, we are continuing our series called “5 Reasons Mindset Support is CRUCIAL in Your Business.” Throughout the series, Kate shares why you need mindset support, how running your business without it might be holding you back, and the best next steps to move forward. In this episode, Kate covers the value of investing in your professional development.   Here’s the scenario: Kate can’t tell you how many discovery calls she’s done with business owners who are blindly leading others in their industry and it’s alarmingly scary! They are teaching what they’ve learned from books or from what they’ve consumed in free content, yet they are expecting others who hire them for a service that they are not valuing themself. It’s especially scary in the coaching industry as this is an unregulated industry where quite frankly, a lot of hurt people are trying to help hurt people without being supported themselves. Whatever happened to CEU credits?   Tune in now to hear why investing in your personal development will help you show up as the best version of yourself, what sets apart the best mentors and coaches, and the change that will happen in your business when you have experienced growth and are whole.   If you’re ready to get more visible in your business, check out my course Let’s Go From Invisible to Impactful. Head to https://www.katecrocco.com/courses and get $100 off with code THINKINGLIKEABOSSPODCAST   Thinking Like A Boss: Uncover and overcome the lies holding you back from success is now available to order! Head to https://www.katecrocco.com/book for more information AND the Thinking Like a Boss Workbook is now LIVE!!!! See full show notes >> https://www.katecrocco.com/podcastblog/losing-money-5   Join us in the conversation. Screenshot your show, share your biggest takeaway and tag us on Instagram stories @katecrocco!
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