20 minutes | Mar 24, 2021

Episode #118: Doing it Alone Will Cost You $$$ (5 Reasons Mindset Support is CRUCIAL in your Business, Part 4)

On this episode of The Thinking Like a Boss Podcast, we are continuing our series called “5 Reasons Mindset Support is CRUCIAL in Your Business.” Throughout the series, Kate shares why you need mindset support, how running your business without it might be holding you back, and the best next steps to move forward. In this episode, Kate covers why doing it alone will cost you money!   Kate’s seen it before: you keep telling yourself you’re going to do this and that and then the endless to-do list of the day seems to just pile up and before you know it you’re falling asleep on the couch and yet again, another day goes by that you didn’t follow up with those leads or pitch yourself to that podcast or create the outline for the course or polish your book proposal.    Tune in now to hear why doing it on your own is holding you back and costing you money along the way, and the magic that happens when you have accountability in your business.   If you’re ready to get more visible in your business, check out my course Let’s Go From Invisible to Impactful. Head to https://www.katecrocco.com/courses and get $100 off with code THINKINGLIKEABOSSPODCAST   Thinking Like A Boss: Uncover and overcome the lies holding you back from success is now available to order! Head to https://www.katecrocco.com/book for more information AND the Thinking Like a Boss Workbook is now LIVE!!!! See full show notes >> https://www.katecrocco.com/podcastblog/losing-money-4   Join us in the conversation. Screenshot your show, share your biggest takeaway and tag us on Instagram stories @katecrocco!
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