59 minutes | Aug 17, 2021

59. $33,000 in 2 Months: Masterminder Kelly Donahue on Being a Visionary, Changing the Culture, and the Power of Being Decided

Kelly Donahue created her first $10,000 ever in order to qualify for the Mastermind. Now, in our first two months? She's created  $33,000... in her first 6 months as a business owner. She's on the podcast today sharing how she did it, the Revolution she is Creating for Moms, and the power of being decided in creating something that's bigger than yourself. You can connect with Kelly at www.kellydonahuecoaching.com or on Instagram @kelbel_badassmoms To join the Mastermind and create your Kelly-level-results head to www.kathrynmorrisoncoaching.com/mastermind
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