43 minutes | Jul 6, 2021

53. From €1,500 Ever... to €16,000 in Three Weeks: The Anatomy of a Rising Star Mindset with Nathalie van Haaren

Income avalanches happen all the time, but before the avalanche there is a period of building to the tipping point. Tipping points and income avalanches don't happen to you-- they are actively created-- and today my client Nathalie van Haaren is breaking apart the components of her growth and thinking that took her from €1,500 ever to €16,000 in the first three weeks of the Mastermind.

To connect with Nathalie, find her on Instagram @nathalie_npower.

To get your name on the Waitlist for the next round of the Mastermind, head to www.kathrynmorrisoncoaching.com/mastermind

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